Personal Update: I Have Graduated College

“Savor the sweetness of this day.”

These were the words of President Teague to start off our day of graduation. And what a sweet day it was! It was so satisfying to walk across the stage and receive a degree that I’ve worked so hard for over the last several years.

As I think back and reflect on this day, there were several lessons I pulled out of my time in college.

For years, the question wasn’t “when” I would graduate, but “if” I would graduate, at all. My college career looks a little different than most students. After high school, I attended Messiah College to study Health & Exercise Science. After a year, I transferred to Millersville University to study Business Administration. Not even a year later, I traveled overseas to Central and Eastern Europe, to lead English & Sports Camps, as a vehicle to share the gospel with students. God had placed this passion for sharing the gospel and studying the Bible in my heart. So, when I came back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I decided to attend the best Bible college I believed was out there… Moody Bible Institute. I attended there for a semester, before transferring to Lancaster Bible College. I’ve lived in Lancaster for most of my life and it’s what I know as home.

4 Ideas I Have Learned at Lancaster Bible College

So, what drew me to Lancaster Bible College, compared to my previous college experiences?

1. I have learned to think and live through a biblical worldview.

2. I have learned to love the local church and want to move the mission forward.

3. I have learned to take the next four years and set myself up for the next fifty.

4. I have learned how God was directing my steps.

If you have invested here, whether it be your time, resources, or leadership, then thank you! Your investment is making a significant impact in many lives.

Thank you to those, staff & faculty, who have invested in and impacted me, personally. Thank you to my friends and family, and so many others who have supported me over the years in pursuit of this degree.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018! We did it!

I want to hear from you!

What was your greatest learning you’ve experienced recently?

P.S. If you would like to watch my commencement speech, start the video below:

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