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Brad does a great job! I’ve been impressed by his work and he has done an incredible job writing business plans and pitching them to investors. If you are looking to grow your organization and want a plan to follow – you should hire him! President / Owner, Global Procurement Partners, LLC  

Martin Sauer Headshot of Martin Sauer, President / Owner of Global Procurement Partners, LLC

I thought the final product Brad delivered was well-organized, logical, and helpful. He was easy and pleasant to work with and brought this passion and energy that made it easy to do the work. Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Lancaster

Kevin Ressler Headshot of Kevin Ressler, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Lancaster

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7 Reasons DEVELUP is Your Best Next Step

DEVELUP - LCBC Church's 2-year leadership development program.

Here Are The Top 2 Questions People Ask Me About DEVELUP What is DEVELUP? The number one question people ask me about DEVELUP is, “What is DEVELUP?” DEVELUP exists to develop world-class leaders impassioned to serve the local church. Notice that the mission doesn’t include “impassioned to serve LCBC”. The program’s purpose is to benefit the …

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